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Our New York Debt Relief Successes

See What We’ve Done to Help Our Clients Get Out of Debt

The Debt Management Group has years of debt relief experience throughout New York and countless success stories. The examples of settlement letters below demonstrate our skill in negotiating lower payoff amounts for our clients. In fact, many of our satisfied clients, some of whom were skeptical at first, have expressed their gratitude and appreciation for our services (see our testimonials page). We’re proud that our efforts have been truly life changing for our clients.

We have letters from creditors who have settled for significantly less than what our clients owed. These letters demonstrate that debt relief is within reach for those who are in need and willing to take that first step and reach out for help.

Major banks, credit card companies, and lending institutions work closely with our debt settlement team in an effort to reduce your debt to a reasonable amount. In many cases, we settle our clients’ debts for less then what they owe. When a debtor is unable to make regular payments or is on the verge of defaulting, lenders often agree to accept a reduced payoff amount when approached by a professional debt management company.

The settlement examples below are just a few of the many we make each month. In order to view these letters, you will need to download Adobe Reader.


Recent Settlements

Select the item below to review the actual letter.
Bank Percentage (%) Terms PDF
Citi 35 2 Pays pdf
Citi 34 3 Pays pdf
Capital One 50 1 Pays pdf
Discover 40 12 pays pdf
Wells Fargo 40 12 pays pdf
Bank of America 30 9 Pays pdf
Chase 35 1 Pays pdf
PNC 25 7 Pays pdf
HSBC/Union Plus 45 12 Pays pdf
USAA 35 10 Pays pdf
CitiFinancial 35 12 Pays pdf
GE Capital 50 1 Pays pdf
Discover 31 7 Pays pdf
Capital One 23 6 Pays pdf
Advanta 38 5 Pays pdf
Chase 45 6 Pays pdf

These examples of the work we’ve done for our clients and the arrangements we’ve made to help them reduce their debts and make their payments more affordable are indicative of our skill and competence in debt negotiation. We have worked with countless credit card companies, banks, and other lending institutions and have the network in place to allow us to begin the negotiation process quickly and efficiently.

The debt settlement that we negotiate for you will be dependent upon your unique circumstances. Our programs are not one size fits all! We will design the program that suits your needs and work out a payment plan that fits comfortably within your budget. Our professional financial consultants will then help you with your budget so that you can begin to build positive cash flow and have a more stable financial future.

Most people are amazed at how much a bank, credit card, or lending institution will reduce balances for those truly in need. Allow the financial advisors at The Debt Management Group to negotiate a reduced payoff amount and start looking forward to the day when you’ll be debt free!

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